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science the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence the pursuit of knowledge has been a natural priority of human beings since our beginning we analyze the creation around us experiment and develop theories and beliefs sometimes we’re right sometimes we’re wrong but time often reveals that it’s an ongoing journey of fluctuating ideas and discoveries this highlights not only the limitations of human ability but also the complexity of the universe in which we reside take the subject of alcohol for example researchers have conducted various studies to analyze its effects on individuals and society at large culturally alcohol consumption is heavily promoted as something fun and enjoyable some studies even suggest the possibility of health benefits however when viewed alongside its negative components

it becomes clear that the harms greatly outweigh any benefits in the united states for

example excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 95 000 deaths each year that’s 261 deaths per day making it a leading cause of preventable death in 2015 alcohol impaired driving fatalities accounted for 10 265 deaths which was 29 of overall driving fatalities it has various other harmful effects on society as well for example economically speaking it costs the nation approximately 249 billion dollars per year and the social ramifications are also overwhelming with more than 10 percent of u.s children living with a parent that has alcohol problems men with alcohol problems are six times more likely to abuse their partner and 14.5 million people had alcohol use

disorder in 2019 a recent study even found that there is no safe amount of alcohol

consumption for the brain and that even so-called moderate

drinking adversely affects nearly every part of it the statistics go on and on but all of the specific individual problems that come as a

result of alcohol consumption are ultimately untraceable by humans

i’m referring to things like depression poor decisions lost opportunities broken relationships physical altercations etc.

such incidents can never truly be counted

or considered so this begs the question is there a source of knowledge that exceeds the limitations of human analyzation could we have reached this knowledge without having to learn things the hard way especially considering how even though we now know such information we still are no closer to ridding alcohol from our society well scientists have discovered a resource that fits all the aforementioned criteria

a resource that is not crippled by the constraints of human limitation

a resource that does not change due to

the fact that it is initially objectively true and correct that resource is the resource of divine revelation guidance sent from the all-knowing creator and given to his final messenger prophet muhammad sallallahu

speaking of alcohol the quran says they ask you concerning alcoholic drink and gambling say in them is a great sin and some

benefit for men but the sin of them is greater than their benefit furthermore the quran says intoxicants are but defilement from the

work of satan so avoid it in order that you may be successful just think of the insurmountable damage done by alcohol consumption and then consider the weight of responsibility on the shoulders of those

who directly contribute to its consumption

whether it be the enabler manufacturer or consumer the prophet muhammad said allah has cursed alcohol the one who drinks it the one who pours it the one who sells it the one who buys it the one who squeezes it the one for whom it is squeezed the one who carries it and the one to whom it is carried imagine the countless improvements a society who seriously takes such knowledge into consideration benefits from think about the hundreds of senseless deaths




that could be prevented daily imagine the broken homes and torn relationships

that could be mended consider. the billions of dollars a year a society would save. truly allah alone knows the great potential that is squandered by those who turn their back on his divine guidance for more regarding science  and check back .

in the future may the peace mercy and blessings of the creator be upon you “assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh”

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