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a man who views the world the same as 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life muhammad ali a life fully lived is a life that has learned lessons from the past and use them to create a more magical present and a better future if you’re still complaining about the same thing you

were 30 20 10 or even one year ago

it’s time to change something and that something is you you should be constantly evolving and growing

who you are from life experience and

from the work you do on you are you better than you were 10 years ago

have you grown what areas can you improve

he who is not courageous enough to take

risks will accomplish nothing in life

muhammad ali everything worthwhile in

life will require an element of risk

everything in life that has the possibility of a great reward carries with it

an element of risk the reward is not guaranteed

failure is a possibility and so there is risk the real question is this is the reward worth

the risk whatever you really want in life is worth the risk starting that business is a risk but will the reward of success

be worth the risk if the answer is yes you must go for it asking that person out is a risk they

might say no but the light together on the other side might be worth taking that risk

and so the point is for the things that

really matter you must take the risk do not live in regret for fear of failure because the only real failure is not attempting to live the

life you want to live

service to others is the rent you pay for your room

here on earth muhammad ali giving is his own reward it doesn’t cost

anything .it’s not expected but it sure makes your

life a whole lot more fulfilling giving to others doesn’t have to be financial or material it could mean giving of your time giving your experience giving your presence how can you make.

this world a better place today how can you make someone else’s day better today

look for opportunities to serve anyone and everyone you come in contact with it’s the repetition of affirmations that

leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen muhammad ali step one affirm with repetition until you believe step two repeat step one until it is ingrained in your very being you have to speak and feel what you want you have to affirm and feel who you want to be

before you are that person you must believe you deserve it

work towards it until you see it and infirm it

until you become the greatest gift you can give yourself is self-belief develop that belief in yourself through repetition

repetition of affirmation and repetition of action

constantly trying getting up after failing and continuing to beat the drum until you find the winning beat i hated every minute of training but i said don’t quit suffer now and live the rest of your life

as a champion muhammad ali champions like ali are willing to suffer .now to live the rest of their life as a

champion and in the same way those who succeed in any area of life are willing to delay gratification they are prepared to suffer for a period knowing the reward coming in the future most people seek comfort in the moment

even if it leads to pain later very few people are willing to go through pain

in the moment for the possibility of a brighter future an example might be the person who takes that first crappy job that comes along in order to pay the bills tomorrow knowing full well

they will be stuck there and be miserable for years to come someone else in the same situation t hough might choose in the short term

to suffer financially while they work on developing their skills and getting a better job or starting

their own business things that will lead to less pain in the future it’s a choice

it’s a mindset your best life will never be gained by choosing the easy option you

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