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Prophet Sulaiman (AS) Story-Quran Stories

Assalamu Alaikum! today we will share

The Story of Prophet
Sulaiman (as)


After the death of Prophet Dawud
(as), Sulaiman (as) became the King,He begged Allah(swt) for a kingdom such
as none after him would have.

Allah (swt) granted
him his wish.Besides the wisdom, Allah (swt) had blessed the Prophet with many abilities.He could command the wind as he pleased And he could understand the language of
birds and animals, and even talk to them!

The Prophet ruled
the kingdom wisely,and at his commands, they built huge temples, fortresses, towes and palaces.

Once, Prophet Sulaiman (as) and his
army, were passing through a valley, while going to Askalon While they were passing through the valley, an ant saw the approaching army He then cried out to warn the other ants

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“Run to your homes! Or else, Sulaiman and his army will unintentionally crush you!”

The Prophet was very
amused to hear this. “Even this small ant knows that I’m a prophet!” He thought He then thanked Allah(swt)
for saving the ant’s lives! Sulaiman (as) had jinns and birds serving in his army as well! They were all kept in order and ranks, and the Prophet demanded strict discipline among them. That is why he was very upset
to find that one bird,the hoopoe, was absent without his consent.

However, the bird soon appeared
to explain his absence. The little bird had been scouting in areas where the Prophet had not yet scouted. “I have discovered something
which you are not aware of. I am coming from Sab’a with important news”

The Prophet’s anger subsided
and he became curious.The bird continued “Sab’a is ruled by a Queen named Bilqis who has plenty of everything,
even a splendid throne!”

But in spite of all this wealth, they are
worshipping the Sun instead of Allah! The Prophet wanted to test if the
Hoopoe was saying the truth, so he sent a letter to the queen. The bird carried the letter to the kingdom of Bilqis The Hoopoe dropped the letter in front
of the queen and flew away to hide.

The queen opened the letter, and she
read the greetings from the Prophet.The Prophet had also asked
her to submit to Allah (swt)

The queen was very disturbed,
so she summoned her advisors. They told her that even though their
country had the strength to wage a war, they wanted her to arrive at a peaceful settlement. Then they came up with an idea! They decided to send their messengers to the Prophet’s palace on the pretext of carrying gifts.

They asked the messengers to learn
about the Prophet’s army and kingdom! When the messengers arrived
at the Prophet’s palace,they realized that Sab’a was nothing
compared to the Prophet’s kingdom!

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They were surprised to see the lions,
tigers and birds serving in the army! And when they walked into the palace, they realized that Sab’a’s wealth was nothing compared to the Prophet’s.

Even the floors of the palace was
made of Sandalwood and Gold! Sulaiman (as) realized that the messengers were here to gather information about him. When the messengers offered the gifts, they
were shocked to see the Prophet’s reaction!

The Prophet told them “Allah has given
me enough wealth, and a large kingdom! He has even made me a Prophet”

He then asked them not to open the covers
of the gifts, and to take them back.He also sent a message to the queen
warning to destroy their country, if she didn’t accept Allah (swt) The queens envoy returned with the gifts, and gave her the message. They also told her about the wonderful things they had seen. Instead of taking offence, she
decided to visit the Prophet.

She asked one of the messengers to
inform the Prophet that she was on her way to meet Him Accompanied by her royal officials and servants, she left Sab’a. When Sulaiman (as) heard that the Queen of  Sab’a was on her way, he decided to test her.

He asked the jinns standing before him, if they could bring the throne of Bilqis,
before the queen reached One of the jinns placed the throne
before him within the blink of an eye! He then had the throne disguised to test whether the queen
would accept it in its changed condition.

When Bilqis arrived at the palace, she
was welcomed with pomp and ceremony. The Prophet then asked her pointing at the throne, if this belonged to her Bilqis was confused. She looked at the throne again and again. After much confusion, she said “It looks so, it resembles mine very much!”

The Prophet judged that she was
intelligent and diplomatic. He then invited her to the great hall. The floor of this hall was laid in solid glass!

When the queen entered the hall,
she thought this was water. So she lifted her skirt lightly, from the fear of wetting it.

The Prophet then informed her that this
was actually glass, and not water! Bilqis was amazed! She had never seen
such things before!

She realized that she was in the company of a very knowledgeable person, who was not only a great ruler,
but also a messenger of Allah(swt)! When she returned to Sab’a, she understood that the sun which they worshipped was nothing but one of Allah’s creations

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She repented, gave up worshipping the
sun, and asked her people to do the same. Sulaiman (as) lived amidst glory,
and all creatures obeyed him. His death like his life was also unique!

One day the prophet was sitting
holding his staff, overseeing the jinns working at the mine. The Prophet died sitting in that position .For a long time no one was aware of his death, as he was sitting erect! The jinns continued to work in the mine, thinking that the Prophet was  watching over them.

They kept working for many days like thisMany days later, a hungry ant began
nibbling at the Prophet’s staff.It continued to do so, eating lower part of the staff,until it fell out of the Prophet’s hand.When the body was no longer supported by the staff, it fell down!

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